Online Form Services


Your online form is a web service offered by E*Tap Marketing to provide website forms and web-based form management tools.

We continue to develop and support a variety of Web Based Software Application Programs. Some of these include the following:

- Online Employment Application Management for Human Resources (HR Onboarding Software)
- Skills Checklist Forms - Checklist Management (Hospitals, Healthcare, Medical field, etc.)
- Safety Incident Reporting and Graphing Software Application
- Bank Credit Action Display CRM for Lending Applicant Management
- Facility Safety Inspection Software
- Time Card Logging Software
- Contact Forms

Benefits of web-based database solutions include:

  • Can be customized for specific needs
  • No software to install or setup on your computer
  • Mobile friendly and compatible on multiple devices
  • Secure layered data encryption for enhanced privacy and security
  • Search query & filter options 
  • Reporting and/or archiving options
  • Print selected items of interest
  • Full range data management solutions
  • Password protected with user access levels - manage and setup your own users
  • Database can run on your server or ours*
  • No extra license required for multiple work stations within your organization**


*Server setup and management fees may apply if running on your server

**Applies to most circumstances

Customized form management for employment agencies, HR departments, construction management firms, medical and healthcare facilities and more. Secure data hosting with easy to use management tools for reporting - find out how we can work for your organization to bring efficiency to data management.
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